Enterpreneurial Development Programmes

 1.       Skill Training

  i.      Food Processing Technology Courses

These courses are being organized with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI).  The aim of these courses is to enhance the participants’ knowledge and skills on food processing.  Besides that, it imparts to them the importance of quality, branding, packaging and certification.  Participants are those who are already in the business and those who are interested in food industry.  Each course can accommodate only 30 persons each time.  So, the number of those who could be trained is limited. 

ii.      Tenunan Songket and Keringkam Embroidery

Preserving one’s tradition and heritage is an important aspect of our culture.  Therefore, in order to do so, the Ministry organize the above courses with Pusat Pembangunan Jati Diri.  In this way we believe we would be able to create new entrepreneurs and revive the songket weaving & Keringkam Melayu Sarawak from oblivion.

iii.     Ceramics and Glass Decoration

 The aim of this program is to develop technopreneurs in ceramics and glass decoration.   This is carried out with the collaboration of SIRIM Berhad.  Commencing in 2003, the Ceramics Industrial Development Program (CIDP) is now at the stage of Incubatorship with the Centre at Demak Laut Industrial Park (DLIP).  Currently there are 6 participants in campus and 5 participants off-campus. 

With the knowledge gained in basic ceramics or glass decoration, participants can either start or expand their own business or they can become workers to those who are running in the business. 

This industry should take advantage of the good quality and huge deposit of kaolin found in various parts of the State.  Apart from ceramics and glass crafts, other related products are beads at Long Tuma, Lawas and Atap genting production (Roof-making) in Mukah.

iv.     Other Training Enhancement

For courses, which are not available locally, the Ministry may assist entrepreneurs by giving assistance for them to undergo training at certain Training Centres in Peninsular Malaysia.

2.       Promotion and Marketing

Besides enhancing entrepreneur’s skill, the Ministry is also involved in the promotion and marketing of entrepreneur products/services.        

Through this program we assist entrepreneurs in promoting their products/services, as well as enabling them penetrate the bigger market be it domestically or globally. At the same time, trade exhibition serves as platform for establishing business networking and business matching.

As for our target groups generally they are those budding entrepreneurs and those who are export ready.

The Promotion and Marketing programs that we are involved in such as SME Week, SDSI, HALFEST, MIHAS and other programs that can help the entrepreneur to promote their products locally and globally.