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The Official Website of
Ministry of International Trade & Industry,
Industrial Terminal & Entrepreneur Development Sarawak

        In Sarawak, the Governor is the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri or Head of State. The Right Honourable Chief Minister is the Chief Executive of the Sarawak Government who heads the State Cabinet. The State Legislative Assembly of Sarawak, also known as Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN), is a unicameral legislature comprising of 71 members. The Judiciary interprets the laws and regulations passed by the legislative assembly.




        Sarawak is well-supported by the State and Federal Governments. This is because part of an important aspect of development and expansion is the existence of a stable and pro-active government which supports economic growth. Sarawak State Government strongly supports business-friendly and customer-oriented policies to enhance economic growth and investment potentials. The whole Government machinery facilitates the needs of the industry and helps solve any problems that arise. The pro-business approach of the Sarawak Government is well-received by the business sector.

        In general, Sarawak has put in place clear policies, efficient and transparent Government machinery and effective mechanisms to facilitate investors’ participation in its economy. Given the strong cooperation and collaboration efforts by both the Federal and State Government on industrial and investment policies, investors are assured of long-term business viability and growth.