The State Government is very supportive of industrial development. In its endeavours to transform Sarawak into an industrialised State through the SIDP and SCORE, the State Government has continued to develop industrial zones and estates, and simultaneously encourages the private-sector developed industrial estates to cater for industrial growth.

        The industrial estates developed are strategically located, taking advantage of the well-planned infrastructure such as located near ports or airports and a good road system. These industrial estates are well-connected by efficient network of transport, having adequate supplies of reliable water, cheap electricity and provided with a whole host of other modern and reliable amenities and facilities.

        One of the premier industrial estates is the Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone which caters to the needs of the high-tech industries. Sama Jaya is an exclusive industrial zone for the Electrical and Electronic industries. Currently, multinational corporations such as MEMC Kuching Sdn. Bhd., Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Tiayo Yuden (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd., X-FAB Sarawak Sdn. Bhd., Toko Electronic (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. and OMG Electronic Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. are operating in Sama Jaya Free Industrial

Some of the well-developed industrial estates are as follows:


Industrial Zone/ Estate

Type of Industry


Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone

Pending Industrial Estate
Demak Laut Industrial Park

Hi-Tech with emphasis on Electrical & Electronics
Mixed Light Industries
Mixed Light & Medium Industries


Upper Lanang Industrial Estate
Rantau Panjang Industrial Estate

Mixed Light Industries
Ship-building and Repairing


Piasau Industrial Estate
Kuala Baram Industrial Estate

Mixed Light Industries
Timber, Ship-building and other Mixed Light & Medium Industries


Sarikei Light Industrial Estate

Mixed Light Industries


Kapit Light Industrial Estate

Mixed Light Industries


Kidurong Light Industrial Estate
Kemena Industrial Estate
Bintulu Light Industrial Estate
Kidurong Industrial Area
Jepak Industrial Estate
Similaju Industrial Estate
Sebauh Industrial Estate

Light Industries
Timber-based Industries
Light Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Wood-based Industry & Shipyard
Heavy & Energy Intensive Industries
Light Industries


Kota Samarahan Industrial Estate
Tebedu Industrial Estate

Mixed Light Industries
General Industries


Tanjung Manis Halal-Hub

Tanjung Manis Timber Processing Zone

Mukah Light Industrial Estate

Halal-Hub Industries

Timber Based Industries, Shipbuilding  and Repairing Industries

Mixed Light Industries


The State Government has built and maintained good infrastructure that ensures easy linkages by air, sea or land. These linkages are important for the success of the various industrial developments initiated by the Government. Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak has modern and fully-equipped seaports, airport facilities and road network system linking to all the major towns such as Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Mukah and the interiors.

i.  Road Networks 


        The industrial estates developed by the government and private sectors are supported by Sarawak’s good road network.  The network provides convenient linkages from the interior and coastal regions of the State to all major centres. Currently, Sarawak has 928 km of accessible trunk road system.

        The Pan Borneo Highway links the North-East route from Sarawak to Sabah and Brunei, and the South-West route links Sarawak to West Kalimantan in Indonesia. The Pan Borneo Highway connects Kuching to all major towns and cities in Sarawak. This road system within the State is being constantly upgraded and public transport system improved to cater to the increasing traffic volume.

ii.  Seaports


                           Senari Port, Kuching


                                 Bintulu Port

       The State’s modern seaports such as Senari Port in Kuching, Rajang Port in Sibu, Bintulu Port and Miri Port can handle international and coastal shipping. All of Sarawak’s seaports are well-equipped with multi-purpose berths to handle general and bulk cargo (including dry, liquid and gaseous). For example, Kuching Port can facilitate a full range of cargo handling and related activities including containerized cargo and dry bulk cargo.

Sarawak Seaport Facility and Capacity


Berth Facility

Depth Alongside(m)

Container Annual Capacity (TEU*)

Kuching Port

(Pending & Senari Terminals)

Miri Port                    
Rajang Port

Bintulu Port


General Cargo           

General cargo/ container, bulk oil, timber products

General, dry bulk and liquid bulk cargo

Up to 11 m

Up to 5 m

Up to 10 m

Up to 15 m

 141,227 TEU*

   14,402 TEU

    53,740 TEU

  143,783 TEU

iii.  Airports

         Sarawak is well-served by international air connectivity through Kuching International Airport and Miri International Airport. In addition to these airports handling daily international flights, other airports located in major towns such as Sibu, Bintulu, Limbang etc., are handling more than 100 scheduled flights daily (direct connections and transit flights) within and outside the State.        


                             Kuching International Airport

        Currently, several commercial airliners provide air passenger services to and from Sarawak that include Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Silk Air, Air Asia and Tiger Airways. The international connectivity is a huge contributing factor towards the economic development of the State.

iv.  Air Cargo Services

        These airports are also hubs for air cargo services.  Malaysia Airlines, which is the national carrier, offers a wide range of cargo services within Malaysia and to more than 70 international destinations in 36 countries in 6 continents. Besides Malaysia Airlines, other air cargo service providers such as Transmile Air and Air Asia Cargo are also offering air cargo services. 

        Total logistic transportation and cargo firms are available to provide land, sea and air transportation requirements. There are good logistic and transport supporting companies to provide comprehensive containerized cargo transportation services such as container haulage, freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution related services, port customs clearance and container repair, leasing and maintenance.


        Sarawak has a young, productive and trainable workforce. Its workers have good working attitudes and integrity. Generally, Sarawak has a pool of educated, skilled, semi-skilled, young and trainable labour force to meet the needs of the high technology environment of the various industries.

        These are the results of the State’s good education institutions that comprise of International Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities to train up our workforce. In these institutions, the English language is widely used. In addition, these educational and training institutions have well-developed curriculums with technical and professional courses to cater and meet the ever increasing needs of the industries.



Curtin University, Miri


University Technology Mara (UITM), Kota Samarahan


University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Kota Samarahan